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Time Management Part One: Tolerations

The best thing you can do for yourself is to resolve your tolerations. What are tolerations?

Tolerations are the minor irritations that take up all your time unnecessarily. They waste your energy by nagging at you. They waste your time by nagging at you. The more you procrastinate, the more they nag, nag, nag. You can't hide from them. They will continue to nag at you until you take care of them.

Write down all the things that don't work, don't look good -- that you don't like using, looking at or having around. Go through your wardrobe and give away what doesn't work for you anymore -- if it ever did. Walk through your house and list things that are broken, shabby or create clutter. Go through your office and list the things there that are broken, shabby, outdated, useless and no longer serve you.

As you get rid of things, you're using the principle of a vacuum -- making room for what you want by getting rid of what you don't want. If your life is filled with things that no longer serve you, there's no room for the things that can. And there's no need to make these items on our list bad or wrong, either. Trash is simply trash -- stuff that once was useful but no longer serves us. Handling the things on your toleration list is just another way of taking out the trash.

Do you have a pile of books or papers you plan to read?  Or a bunch of places you want to go or things you want to do?  Do you have several unfinished projects?  Or projects you wanted to start but never got done? These are all tolerations that take up your time and your energy. Either do them or trash them. One way of the other, you free up your energy and your time.

We all have tolerations, hundreds of them. That's no secret. The secret is that you can free up your wasted time and energy by resolving your tolerations.

The first step is to do an inventory of all your unfinished projects and the things you have or want that no longer serve you. Take the time to go through your home, office and life to make a list of your unfinished projects and your things that no longer serve you. Limit your list to fifty items this time and repeat this process as often as necessary.

Make a List of Your Tolerations Now

Make a complete list of your tolerations. For now you can limit them to twenty-five or fifty. Later you can do this assignment again after you've completed resolving your first list of tolerations. Most people have more than 100 tolerations when they get started on this assignment for the first time -- so don't beat yourself up.

We created a simple form to help you list your tolerations.

Download the Toleration List Form Now!


Then Proceed to Complete Your Assignment

The wonderful secret about resolving tolerations is that once you get started it gets easier and easier. Please don't procrastinate any longer. Get started now:

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