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Identifying Your Unique Gifts and Talents

Some people believe we choose our gifts to express in this lifetime before we're born. Some believe we bring gifts with us that we developed in a previous lifetime. Others believe that we learn and develop our gifts as we move through life by practicing our gifts. Still others believe our gifts are an act of providence or luck of the draw.

Whatever the reason, we all have gifts. Our gifts are the things we can do better than most people. Some of us can jump higher, run faster, hit harder, move more gracefully or perform some physical feat better than most. Some of us can solve problems, remember dates and facts, imagine future possibilities and reason things out better than others. Some of us can express ourselves with music, art, architecture, design, dance or speech better than others. Some of us are builders of buildings, roads, lawns or businesses and we do that better than most.

We all have gifts. Some of us are healers and we help other people heal themselves. Some of us are leaders and we help people improve their own lives. Some of us are teachers and we help other people learn what they want to learn. Some of us are helpers and we help people by serving them with our gifts. Some of us see the past, others see the future. Some of us are grounded in the earth and others visit the other side.

We all have gifts. What are your gifts? What do you do better than most? What do you know that most other people don't? What kinds of things do other people admire in you? What do other people ask you to help them accomplish with their life? When people need help, what do they ask you to do?

Are you good with money? physical things of any kind? plants? animals? people? Are you good at acting? singing? playing music? dance? movement? sports? drawing? sculpting? painting? Are you a creative person of any kind? What do you create? Do you change things for the better? Are you an agent of change of any kind? How do you help other people? Are you organized, focused, good with people, animals, plants, learning, a good writer, good speaker, good problem solver, good listener, good artist or musician?

What are your gifts? What are your talents?


Your Assignment

The answers to all of these questions, and more, help you identify your gifts and talents. Identifying your gifts and talents is identifying your strengths, the things that you can do to help other people help themselves. Make a ist of your gifts and talents. Add to this list every day for one week. Thereafter add to this list anytime you receive a new gift or learn a new talent.

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