Empowering Your Clients

The basic skills coach workshops teach a number of basic coaching techniques you can use to empower your clients to make their own decisions about their health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness. The instructor/facilitators for these workshops will help you learn how to coach, demonstrate skills, educate, empower, facilitate, instruct, mentor, supervise, teach, test for knowledge, train and tutor your clients.

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There are a few basic things you can do now to empower your clients to make their own decisions (Note that these suggestions are not in any particular order.):

1. You can teach them the basic skills you learned like dowsing, finger pull, body lean, looped fingers and the divination tools for starters.

2. When they start to use these tools you can use your own tools to verify the result they received is valid.

You silently ask the same question they are asking but your focus is on them and not on you. Remember that you're going to be about 40% correct in the beginning and the chances are they will be correct more than 80% of the time. The more you are able to tune into your client's subconscious mind -- and you skill at doing this will improve they more you use this skill -- the more accurate you will become at verifying your clients got the right answer.

You can do your own testing unobserved by using the lean technique. You can also use the finger pull or looped fingers out of sight under the desk or table.

If your test is in agreement, tell them you support their decision.

If your test is not in agreement, tell them you're not sure that's the best thing to do first. Ask them to explore other options to see if something else is more important for them at this time.

If they don't agree with you, your best option is to say something like: "O.K. you know your own body (or pet or family or whatever is in question) better than I do. So let's go with your decision. I support you in (whatever is under consideration)."

This is not the time to make any decision for your client. Most of the time your client will be right and what they decided to do will be beneficial. Once in a great while they may discover there was no benefit in following that path. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

When it does, help your client make another decision to continue working on the issue your client wants to resolve.

3. Teach your clients progressive relaxation to help them manage their stress and help them tune into their own subconscious mind.

4. You can teach them any of the other skills we teach or reference on this website

5. If and when they're ready, you can even send them to Free Coach Tools and Free Coach Skills to learn what they want to learn.

6. When you're ready consider these options:

Take a Coaching Worshop yourself through an accredited institution if you haven't already done so.

Become a coach instructor yourself