Free Coach Skills


We encourage you to continue practicing your Coaching Tools used to empower your clients to make their own health, life, nutrition, spiritual, therapies and wellness decisions for themselves, their family, pets and dependents.

We encourage you to teach these tolls too your clients and give them access to the Free Coach Tools website.

We encourage you to learn how to use and share with clients and the public the skills we share on this website. We believe they will help your clients empower themselves, reduce their stress, resolve their emotional issues and restore their spiritual faith.

These skills also make excellent marketing materials, in public workshops, for your services.

You are free to copy them and hand them out to clients and workshop attendees.

We encourage you to use these skills to build your business

Index of Free Coach Skills


Empowering Your Clients

Time Management - Part 1

Time Management - Part 2

Discover What You Truely Value

Identifying Your Unique Gifts and Talents

Identify What You Really Love to Do

Set Empowering Life Goals